About T-Rex Autopsy

T-Rex Autopsy is a progressive metal band hailing from The Blue Mountains with members across Western Sydney, Australia. Dubbed by many as "World Metal" and with a philosophy that there are a million ways to be “heavy” T-Rex Autopsy incorporates many folk  and classical traditions and instruments from across the globe into their art.


With an electric mix of influences including progressive and psychedelic rock, ethno-jazz, soundtrack and cinematic scores, Middle Eastern and North Indian Classical along with a plethora of punk and metal subgenres. T-Rex Autopsy combines these sounds into high energy and captivating songs and live stage performances.

T-Rex Autopsy invites you to share and explore.

Band Members

Craig Bailey: Bass, Vocals, Oud, Glissentar, Mandolin, Baglama, Guitar, Darbuka, Keyboard 

Ross Bailey: Lead Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Darabouka (Goblet Drum)

Joshua Jonathan: Drums, Wave Drum  and Percussion

Matt Thoroughgood: Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Studio Members:

Tony Kayrous (2023 - Current)

Past Band Members: 

Josh Romano: Drums, Vocals (2017 - 2018)

Jake Elder: Drums (2019 - 2021) 

Tony Kayrouz: Lead Guitar, Vocals (2017 - 2022)